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This past week we have witnessed a positive move for countries who no longer want socialist policies, realizing that they ultimately destroy the economy and take away individual liberty. Why wait to turn into the chaos of Greece when you can nip socialism in the bud.

Germany has re-elected Angela Merkel their Chancellor who has helped that country prosper through her pro- growth free market principles. In fact, it is one of the countries holding the European Union together right now. Secondly, Australia has elected a conservative prime minister showing that Australians want lower taxes, less regulation, and more freedom. Finally, Sweden and Norway are reported to do the same moving away from socialism which they had embraced for many years, especially in their healthcare system, ironically a system the left is taking the US towards.


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Democrats Push U.S. Satisfaction Up to 27% – http://www.gallup.com/poll/160598/democrats-push-satisfaction.aspx?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews

The majority of Americans are not happy with the direction of our country or with this administration.  I cannot understand how failure was re-elected.  Although, the Limbaugh theorem makes sense:  Obama went out and made speeches as if he was helping the people, however he was never seen making the tough decisions and leading America down the road to socialism.  Thank the liberal media for assistance too.

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November’s Decision: Socialism or Americanism.

“Socialism relies on the collapse of small businesses. The government assumes the role of provider in all areas and aspects of life. This is the path that the Obama administration is actively pursuing. This is socialism, not Americanism.

The Romney/Ryan ticket promises to help small businesses and entrepreneurship to help rebuild the economy, create jobs and strengthen America’s backbone. They’re not going to do it by borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars to use on another stimulus package, but by sound and reasonable business practices that have worked for years. This is Americanism, not socialism.”

Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/6838/novembers-decision-socialism-or-americanism/#ixzz27A9XCktN

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