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This past week we have witnessed a positive move for countries who no longer want socialist policies, realizing that they ultimately destroy the economy and take away individual liberty. Why wait to turn into the chaos of Greece when you can nip socialism in the bud.

Germany has re-elected Angela Merkel their Chancellor who has helped that country prosper through her pro- growth free market principles. In fact, it is one of the countries holding the European Union together right now. Secondly, Australia has elected a conservative prime minister showing that Australians want lower taxes, less regulation, and more freedom. Finally, Sweden and Norway are reported to do the same moving away from socialism which they had embraced for many years, especially in their healthcare system, ironically a system the left is taking the US towards.


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The real war on women turns out to be committed by Obama and the democrats. Two million women have dropped out if the workforce since 2008. 60% of those women still working only make an average of $10/hour. Married women who lost their jobs voted for Romney by 7% and realize he would have helped them. Maybe the married women should talk with their single women friends about how the economy works because this administration isn’t helping them.


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From Rush Limbaugh’s Facebook page about the economy

“The sad fact is that over two million jobs have been lost from the entire labor force since Obama took office. The labor force participation rate literally plunged. We have 90 million Americans out of a population of around 300 million not working! We have a record number of Americans on food stamps and we have people in poverty in greater numbers and at a higher percentage than ever. Yet they want to maintain this fiction that there’s some kind of great economic recovery going on with soaring profits and jobs being created.”

The Obama Magic Failed to Produce Social Justice: Income is Down and Poverty is Up


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Yesterday during the Navy Yard shooting that killed 12 people, 2 miles away Obama gave a speech, briefly mentioning victims, and then disgracefully gave an economic speech slamming Republicans for his progressive failures as a president. He disgusts me!



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A picture is worth 1,000 words: Gov’t welfare blamed for poverty | TheBlaze.com – http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2013/06/11/a-picture-is-worth-1000-words-govt-welfare-blamed-for-poverty/

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Not even implemented, Obamacare already hurting jobs market | TheBlaze.com – http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2013/06/20/not-even-implemented-obamacare-already-hurting-jobs-market/

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This past week, the Federal Reserve announced it would print $40 billion every month to prop up this administration’s jobless recovery — that’s money we can’t afford for jobs we will never see.

What did President Obama’s plan deliver? 43 months of record unemployment; 23 million Americans unemployed, underemployed, or no longer looking for work; $16 trillion debt; four trillion-dollar deficits; and household incomes that have fallen more than $4,000.

The Romney-Ryan plan is different — it will deliver 12 million jobs and grow the economy by 4 percent per year. Their plan is based on the fundamental principle that more government is the problem — not the solution.

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