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The truth is out about Benghazi and it shows what we’ve known….the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton LIED to the American public to coverup for an election. The 911 terrorist attack didn’t sling with their narrative that Al-Qaeda is in the run. The congressional hearings illustrate that no effort was even made to help the four Americans, including Ambassador Stevens, who died unnecessarily. Hillary had the Gaul to tell the parents if the fallen that they would get those who made the video that sparked the protest & attacks. We now know that there was NO video and No protest. America now knows the truth and needs to hold all involved accountable for this disgraceful coverup. This administration is starting to sound like the Nixon one. Hillary needs to answer “what difference does it make to those families and America. She does not deserve to represent our country and I hope and pray that America remembers in 2016.

A new Gallup poll now also shows that a majority of Americans favor a Republican Congress to put a check on Obama’s unlawful abuse of power. Remember in November!


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“92 million Americans are not working, but able to eat and watch tv.” Almost a third of Americans not contributing to the economy thanks to failed democrat policies of tax, spend and regulate out of business. We’re now 5 years into this recession of Obama’s.

Only 62% of able Americans are employed, which is the lowest since 1978. The Labor force is actually shrinking, not good for our future.

If you’ve given up looking for work you are not counted in the unemployment rate which is why it looks abnormally low (6.7%) when in reality it’s not possible according to real American lives. This is called the U-6 unemployment number and it’s about 12.6%!

“If the unemployment rate plunged from 6.7% to 6.3%, why are there more people than ever on food stamps? And why are there more people than ever on unemployment benefits if the unemployment rate keeps coming down?” -Rush

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