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“When the government is afraid of the people, there is liberty. When the people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny.” Which do you think we are living? This survey answers it.


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The Democrats call for civility in public discourse to make themselves look like the good guy after name calling the past five years. Those who call their opponents names are running scared and have no ideas, which is why you see the attacks on Sen. Ted Cruz who is simply advocating personal freedom, liberty, and fiscal responsibility…basically limited government as our Founders envisioned. I believe that the majority of Americans agree with him, but have been lead to believe the propaganda of the leftist media.
Is the Party Over?

Because The Tea Party wants to cut out of control spending now that our debt is $17 trillion, the left calls them “terrorists”, “racists”, “anarchists”, “KKK”, etc. Hmmm, are the Progressive Democrats that desperate that now they sound ridiculous, not to mention illiterate of history, which they keep trying to rewrite. Sen. Byrd was a Democrat who was a head of the KKK and the Republicans are responsible for passing the Civil Rights Act after twisting LBJ’s arm. White Southern Democrat Burns Cross on Tea Party’s Lawn

The Progressive Democrats only know how to persuade people by using irrational scare tactics and name calling. The only ideas they have are to tax, spend, and curtail people’s liberties, which if the American people knew the real truth, they would be running from the left? Why doesn’t the left take their own advice act the way they think everyone should, or does it not apply to them? Hypocrites.

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Obama’s time in office leads one to believe that we are moving towards a totalitarian form of government. Are his actions reasonable or leading to tyranny? You decide? Here are just a few recent examples.

IRS not approving requests for the Tea Party to raise money for the 2012 election
The NSA spying on citizens including phone calls and emails
Obama administration spying on AP reporters and also on James Rosen, a Fox News reporter
Not compromising with the Republicans about Obamacare about issues the majority of Americans agree such as delaying the individual mandate, not taxing medical devices
During the government shutdown, which was caused by Senate Democrats not taking up any of the 14 budget bills from the House, privately owned monuments such as the WWII Memorial was baracaded. WND EXCLUSIVE OBAMA BEHIND ‘BARRYCADES’ AT WWII MONUMENT

Unfortunately, more to come if we don’t stand up.

Tyranny around the corner

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The government shut down yesterday because the democrats and Pres Obama will not negotiate on Obamacare, the (un)Affordable Care Act in the budget. Republicans passed a budget with a provision that Congress not be exempt from it and Senate Democrats rejected it. Here’s the analogy: the chef won’t eat his own cooking, but expects everyone else to be force fed it. What makes Congress, in particular all Democrats the only ones who passed Obamacare so special that they don’t need to abide by it like the rest of us? “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”

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