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Unions protested today again in front of fast food restaurants to double the minimum wage to $15/hr. It would be fine in a utopia that the left continues to try create, but it defies economic reality. Let’s look at what minimum wage jobs are. They are entry-level jobs not meant to live on or even support a family. Get two jobs if you need to make it. Some people with these jobs forgot about personal responsibility and self-reliance to climb the economic ladder or maybe they just figure the government will take care of them and it’s the employer’s fault.

Go ahead increase the minimum wage and watch it backfire for those who demanded it. It’s simple economics. The more an employer has to pay for wages, the fewer employees they can hire thus hurting those looking for those jobs. Also, the price of their merchandise will go up because the employer has to pay higher wages, again hurting those who already cannot afford the products.

My advice: Be thankful for the entry-level job you get in this economy, be the best you can be, don’t blame others for your problems, get promoted, and live the American Dream. Depend on yourself and you’ll be much happier. Believe in yourself and you can do anything!


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Communism so great?

Communism so great?

You print your own worthless currency. You inflate it beyond any reasonable value to the point that other nations call you a cheater at currency manipulation. You do “keep moving work” like building ghost cities who have not one resident. Nearly 800 million of your people are starving and at poverty subsistence level at best. You dictate how many children your people can have. You control their press. You imprison those who speak out against your leaders. You execute people for basic managerial mistakes. And oh yeah, most of your economy depends on a capitalist nation across the sea being more or less forced to accept your product by default through bogus trade agreements.

Family of 2 in one room apartment. Hot water from roof top solar heaters feeding a communal water source when the sun shines. Riding bicycles to work and making the equivalent of $100 US a month. Country folks can’t move to the city and there are no social services. It’s work or die. Get sick you go to the state hospital were your family is required to provide food and care for you while there. Guilty of a capital crime? Go to court on a Tuesday executed on a Friday.

Comments from bloggers on the Blaze as a result of Jeff Imelts, GE Pres, comments that state run communism works great. He’s also the head of Obama’s job council.

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