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This past week, the Federal Reserve announced it would print $40 billion every month to prop up this administration’s jobless recovery — that’s money we can’t afford for jobs we will never see.

What did President Obama’s plan deliver? 43 months of record unemployment; 23 million Americans unemployed, underemployed, or no longer looking for work; $16 trillion debt; four trillion-dollar deficits; and household incomes that have fallen more than $4,000.

The Romney-Ryan plan is different — it will deliver 12 million jobs and grow the economy by 4 percent per year. Their plan is based on the fundamental principle that more government is the problem — not the solution.


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A welfare nation?

2011 census bureau of 300 mil people
110 mil people on welfare, not including ss or mdc
43% of immigrants here for 20 yrs still on welfare
debt 16 trillion
Unfunded liabilities: pensions, retirements, mdc 229 trillion

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Chicago death toll

259 there been more murders in chicago and than afghanistan this year 2012

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US health care reform efforts through history | Fox News – http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/28/us-health-care-reform-efforts-through-history/?cmpid=app_pulse

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Obamacare upheld

Today the Supreme Court declared Obamacare mandate unconstitutional, but allowed the rest of it to remain as a “tax” rather than a penalty something that the administration said it was not basically lying to the American people.  Chief Justice Roberts sided with the left on allowing Congress to tax people for not buying insurance saying that the American people can change that by voting.  So in the end, not many more people have insurance and many more will be levied with a “fine” for not buying insurance outer providing out for their employees because that cannot afford to insure them.

80%  who opposed Obamacare will, God willing, vote for Mitt Romney in November as well as a Republican Senate.  People of all religious faiths are also fired up because Obama & the Democrats have trampled on our right of conscious and freedom of religion.

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Lost wealth

america has lost 40 percent of its wealth over the past 3 a half years.

average income is what it was 20 years ago

Individuals have lost about $4500 over the past 4 years

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57 percent of college graduates comprise the unemployed, highest ever

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